Lampasas Business Park

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What it Offers

The Lampasas Business Park offers 165 acres for new manufacturing facilities and office buildings one mile from 3 major highway arteries, Hwy 183, 190, and 281. The park offers 183 frontage.

Electric Distribution System

The City owns, operates, constructs and maintains the Electric Distribution System. The 12kv high voltage Infrastructure in the City was rebuilt and upgraded in 2008. An additional substation was added in the last few years, less than 2 miles from the business park to service the load growth in this portion of the City. This new substation is lightly load and has significant capacity to service the Business Park as well as other growth in the City. A 12 kv circuit is being extended from existing infrastructure to supply the Business Park. A second 12 circuit will be added to loop the system as the demand grows. The electric cable for this project has already been purchased and is “on hand”. As noted above the City is progressive and also has a SCADA Computer System to monitor and control the Electric Distribution System. We purchase power for our Customers from two generation providers (currently LCRA & CPS). LCRA is the transmission provider in Central Texas and provides transmission services to over 30 COOP’s & Cities in the region. We work with them to manage costs and ensure reliable supply.

Business Park

Business Park Overall Exhibit - January 2022

8.11.2022 Map with Estimated Costs per Tract