Healthcare in Lampasas

Rollins Brook Community Hospital

Lampasas has a variety of health-care services available to residents and visitors to include; chiropractic, optometry, orthodontics, dental, family medicine, dialysis, cardiology, occupational medicine, and physical therapy. Other services available through the clinic include laboratory, X-ray, ultrasound, and MRI. 

AdventHealth Rollins Brook Community Hospital

Located at 608 N. Key Ave, Rollins Brook Community Hospital, a local critical care facility has the availability for twenty-five patient beds. In 2013, ground was broken on a new helipad that enables patients to be transported quickly to area trauma centers for emergency care.

Family Medicine Clinic

In an effort to improve the efficiency of care to patients, and serve the community more effectively, Family Medicine Clinic is nearing the completion of their new facility. The new facility will be 12,000 square feet, and will house six family practice physicians, and four mid-level physicians. The new facility will have 24 examination rooms, 87 parking spaces, and room for expansion. Family Medicine Clinic serves more that 15,000 patients, about 75 percent of the county population. Family Medicine Clinic is the largest independent private practice in Lampasas and Coryell counties, and one of the only practices that takes walk-in-patients all day long. At the clinic, physicians specialize in family care, but also offer pediatrics, gynecology, gerontology and internal medicine services.

Fresenius Medical Care Facility

Fresenius Medical Care Facility offers Hemodialysis to patients suffering from renal failure.